Exclusive distribution of KROMI for the Basque Country

One of the greatest problems encountered in machining companies, or companies in which machining is part of the production cycle, is the control and management of tools used in the different processes and machinery.

As a result of this, Olaberria Gestión, S.L. analysed the different storage control and management systems and companies in the European market. This work led to working relations with the German company KROMI Logistics for which we are currently the distributors in the Basque Country.

Essentially, the system consists of determining the tools to be placed in the dispenser, the approximate annual amounts and the necessary amounts for each shift or period to be defined and swiftly managing the delivery and placement of the necessary material in the dispenser.

For this purpose, the dispenser is connected to a PC which in turn is connected to the KROMI Logistics' central warehouse in Hamburg (Germany), which constantly analyses the situation of all the machines it has in different countries worldwide. It is there that the necessary amounts are determined, bearing in mind the delivery time to each country and the placement in the dispenser, when they drop below these amounts, the alarm goes off, and an order is automatically sent to the central warehouse in Hamburg (Germany) in order to send the material. As soon as it reaches its destination, the technician in charge of each dispenser collects the material and ensures it is placed inside it.

Each operator accesses the dispenser with their company entry card and collects the necessary tool any time of day or night, 365 days a year. This way, the client does not need to worry about the management and control of the tool, as they can access via PC the information held at the central warehouse in Hamburg (Germany), regarding the number of tools and the operators or machines where they have been used. For more information please visit