We analysed the situation of several companies in the area of different sizes and we identified the need to offer an analysis and decision-making service in order to determine the needs of the machining process, including times, attachments, tools, speeds, machinery, etc.

At Olaberria Gestión, S.L. we offer this service to clients interested in finding out this information and who do not have the appropriate staff to do so. It is also a very interesting service for large companies, which, despite having a department for this purpose, wish to subcontract out.

From the machining plans for the pieces, machinery and attachment systems available to the client, Olaberria Gestión, S.L. determines the tools, speeds and times of the different phases of the machining process.

In compliance with the applicable Standards regarding Confidentiality of the information that possible clients can provide, Confidentiality Contracts are signed between both parties.

Increased transparency in production

The precision tools market is becoming increasingly more complex, and not only as a result of increasing international competition. In general, the situation in most companies offers a wide range of opportunities for more modern and efficient tool management.

Logistics as a service

Insofar as tools are concerned, before, the most important aspects were the technology and the engineering, but nowadays the problems to resolve are the purchasing and logistics. With this in mind, the name of Olaberría Gestión, S.L. not only represents the technical selection of tools and their organisation in the company, but also purchasing management to manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Focusing on the foundations of the business
  • Supplier of independent tools from manufacturers
  • Wide range of advisory services
  • Specialists in cutting tools and machining
  • Solid, stable and long-term relationships
  • Scale economy model
  • Professional team with experience
  • International focus